7 major elements of an email

7 major elements of an email

The construction of an email more is loaded with do’s and don’ts, tricks and techniques. Obviously, the basic requirements of are that it must attract the reader’s attention, stimulate desire, encourage conviction and generate action all by itself.

If you are writing an email, there are seven major elements that need to be included.

1. Major benefits: Promise your major benefit in the subject line and ideally reiterate in the first paragraph.
2. The offer: Enlarge on your major benefit with the offer.
3. Involvement: involve the reader tell them exactly what they are going to get.
4. Credibility: prove what you say is true with relevant proof and testimonials.
5. Secondary benefits: Stress the secondary benefits and features and tell the readers what they will lose if they don’t act.
6. Features: Repeat the prominent benefits and features again in the closing offer
7. Motivation and the call to action: Tell them what you want them to do.

OK, easy to write, easy to understand. But hard to execute – at least its a roadmap.

Colin Lewis

Colin is the Director of Marketing at BMI Regional – British Midland. He is also the Curator of the largest Digital Marketing event in Ireland (DMXDublin).
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