Advertising is Salesmanship-in-Print. Or maybe ‘Copy’ is salesmanship in print

This concept is so basic and so effective that we don’t even notice it any more.

Copy is what we are looking at with all marketing communications. Copy and the written word form the basis of a brand. Yet, then you think of creating a brand, it’s easy to think about pony-tailed advertising managers sitting around a conference room tossing around ideas with caffeine fueled creativity.

Yet a much simpler way is to go back to the origin – what we are really good at Unique Brand Story

Irish people are great at creating stories. Yet, with the odd brilliant exception, we do not harness the power of storytelling through great copy. Magners/Bulmers, Bushmills, Guinness – all the great booze brands do this. It creates a powerful connection to your customers. They feel as though they know you. This brand story paints a colorful vignette of who you are, what vision you hold, and what experiences made you the company you are today


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