The keys to a marketing system

The keys to a marketing system

There a certain keys to a marketing system which I thought were worth mentioning.

• Affordability: There is no free lunch in marketing. If your average transaction value is €1000, but you are only willing to spend €10 in acquiring, then there is no point in terms of talking about marketing. However, this does not mean that one does not operate within a budget. Affordability improves with reducing waste.

• Efficiency: Marketing systems must be targeted to reach only those people most likely to buy – without this, you cannot achieve consistent affordability. Targeted prospects, who are interested in buying, are what we are talking about.

• Increasing the quality and reducing the quantity: By improving the quality of both the prospects selected, reached and communicated with, you can change the numbers in your favour.

Colin Lewis

Colin is the Director of Marketing at BMI Regional – British Midland. He is also the Curator of the largest Digital Marketing event in Ireland (DMXDublin).
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