The right question. And the wrong question.

A ‘sales and marketing system’ is best imagined as a funnel.

The funnel is used to visualise the step changes. In any step of this process, prospects drop out of it, and from the large number of initially interested persons on the top end, only a fraction of the initially interested people remain and actually buy or do the deal.

The funnel is about building the ideal result to get the ideal prospects raise their hands, and step onto a sequence that is specially constructed for them to move along from suspect to closure.

How should they get onto the sequence? The tools used to do this are to acquire the customer with are good old fashioned media, such as:

• Print advertising, in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, or other publications
• Banner advertising at others’ websites
• Buying traffic for your website with Google Adwords or other means
• Using publicity to get articles placed
• Direct mail
• Radio or television advertising

Hence, why asking what media should you use is the wrong question. The right question is ‘how do I set up a sales and marketing ‘system’?


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