The Top 10 ways to Measure Social Media

The Top 10 ways to Measure Social Media

There is no standard measurement of social media success. Or if there is, I have not found one. However, I have pulled together what I consider to be the top ten measures of success – across all industries.

The ten typical measures used are:

• Brand recognition/awareness and reputation:  Measure: active users -> positive neg stories

• Increased sales:  Measure: leads

• Online credibility:  Measure: messaging to the right people,

• Market research (listening):  Measure: results from polls and results

• Customer service:  Measure: replying to tweets / comments etc

• Customer engagement/advocacy /NPS: Measure : NPS, measures on advocacy

• Product innovation (collaboration and research)  Measure: number of feedback from customers

• Increased traffic to website and other channels:Measure: increase traffic in site

• Reduced cost: Measure: lower communications cost

• Recruitment: Measure: lower communications cost (e.g. Linkedin)

Colin Lewis

Colin is the Director of Marketing at BMI Regional – British Midland. He is also the Curator of the largest Digital Marketing event in Ireland (DMXDublin).
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