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The importance of SEO is now been widely recognised along with the critical need to develop integrated SEO within your marketing strategy to ensure reach across all marketing channels.  Combine this with the frequent changing of Google algorithms and you soon realise how more demanding marketing has become and the additional time that needs to be spent developing cohesive and fully integrated strategies.  However, it is essential to take this time and develop your SEO with care, if you want your campaigns to have maximum impact using keywords and phrases which are crucial to campaign success.

In the past, all marketers had to do was focus their energies on optimising their website, however, times have changed and today’s SEO strategies need to incorporate all your online channels from online display through to

Image source: SEOM Company
Image source: SEOM Company

social media.  It’s the same process just scaled up and some of our favourite and familiar tools are still around which enable you to quickly build your keywords and phrases strategy.  Google Adwords Key Tool , Word Tracker and Discovery are all useful tools which make the extra work reasonably painless.

Many marketing managers face trying to get to the Holy Grail and land on the first page of Google through organic search which is difficult but not impossible these days.  Of course you can support your campaigns with large spends on PPC which may be necessary, dependent on how competitive your keywords are however, by getting a bit more creative and putting in some additional investment in time, you can increase your rank significantly and any organic reach will ensure you have a solid and continuous platform for attracting visitors – which is ideally the place you want to be in the long term.  This is the challenge and the learning which make SEO such a fascinating exercise. There are many ways to help you optimise your Search efforts, Search Engine Watch offers a comprehensive list of 21 useful tools for SEO -generate free keywords with 1000’s of option, check out if anyone is plagiarising your content right the way through to creating fun and engaging breadcrumbs, all making your online presence bubble with search engine juice – getting you up to speed and a must for anyone who is serious about their SEO.



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