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We have never been busier multitasking, whether busy building our own companies or full on working for companies and we rarely stop to think of how much time we spend promoting and curating the brand names we work for, we just get on and do it as part and parcel of our every working day.  Of course this is the way it should be, you should be building a brand which people want to be part of and a company should make you want to run into the office every day to be part of their great brand experience.  Then all is good, however, these days it’s just not enough to be just working for the corporate brand – it is,  as important, to be out there self branding more than ever.  It is the era of self publishing and it is important that you look after ‘Brand You’ online for many reasons – one good one is that this will be the first place prospective clients and employers will research you.  First impressions, whether offline or online are critical so it’s important to invest a bit of time to giving the best impression possible with professional photographs and well written resume, bio’s etc..

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So how, where do you start to start building Brand You?  Take a look at Quicksprout’s comprehensive guide to building your own personal brand.  The guide is excellent and takes you through the whole process from beginning to end from reviewing who you and who you are trying to attract, all the way through to bagging yourself some free press.  Brace yourself as there is a bit of work to get this all done but like anything worth developing, it will be well worth it in the end.  One key pointer for guidance through the whole – building your own brand process – is to remain authentic to yourself and bring your own personality to your brand.  Combining this with your business values will successfully give any prospective clients or employers the impression you wish to project.

Additional resources:

Brand You, Turn your talents into a Winning Formula, by John Purkiss and David Royston-Lee – Amazon

Brand You Marketing with Cindy Ratzlaff on Android

YOU BRANDING: Reinventing Your Personal Identity as a Successful Brand Kindle, by  Mark Cijo and Mike Atack


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