Ep 01: DMX Dublin 2015 Podcasts

In his first podcast for DMX Dublin,  Colin Lewis, Programmer at DMX Dublin explains what it is all about and gives a brief profile on some of the speakers.

DMX Dublin is Ireland’s largest digital marketing conference, and it takes place this year, on the 11th March, 2015.   The DMX Dublin is the annual gathering of top international and local marketers, from multi-nationals to SMEs, Advertisers, Credit Agencies and Digital Agencies, talking about all things digital,  live in Dublin at the Aviva Stadium.

The DMX Dublin is powered by the Marketing Institute of Ireland, the professional body for Ireland’s marketing people.

Colin will discuss:

  • What is DMX
  • A look back on previous years
  • Details of what to expect at DMX 2015
  • How to choose which stream suits you
  • Profile of Mike Volpe from Hubspot , Scott Brinker from Chiefmartec.com and John Straw from iDisrupted

To tune into all the Podcasts in itunes click the link here


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