Ep. 03: DMX Dublin: Colin Lewis interviews Marc Lucas

Colin Lewis the programmer of DMX Dublin is doing a series of interviews with the speakers who are attending the DMX Dublin in the Aviva Stadium on March 11th 2015. As usual we have all the best Marketers, Ad Agencies, Digital Marketers, SEO, everybody all in one place. They are there to hear some of the best speakers that we have been able to pull together from Ireland, the UK, the USA and from around the world.  Colin interviews Marc Lucas, who is a freelance Creative Director based in New York for this Podcast.

Mark speaks about himself and his experiences starting out in Hong Kong and finishing up for the moment in New York. He has spent time in traditional Ad Agencies and also high level Digital firms there.  He is the former ECD of Razorfish New York, CCO of KBS+P, Network CD of MDC, and has held senior creative positions at SS+K, Ogilvy and D’Arcy in New York, Hong Kong & Manila.

Marc then takes a little bit of time to explain what he is working on at the moment, and what he going to talk about when he is at DMX Dublin.m_lucas


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