Ep. 02: DMX Dublin: Colin Lewis interviews John Straw from iDisrupted

Colin Lewis who is the programmer for DMX Dublin will be doing a series of interviews with the speakers who are attending the DMX Dublin in the Aviva Stadium on March 11th 2015. One of the speakers I am most excited to have is John Straw author of “iDisrupted”.

John speaks about himself, and his 30 years experience in the IT business and how he came to write the book iDisrupted and build the iDisrupted website.

Colin questions John about what is driving all the change technology wise.

Colin talks to John about how Marketers have seen a lot of change in the last few years and how Marketers struggle to get around all the technology, and explains how DMX is all about introducingj_straw these new ideas and thoughts.

John talks through an example and also outlines what he will be talking about at DMX.



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