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When someone asks you to come up with a creative idea on the spot, it’s perfectly normal, for your brain to freeze.  When this happens, gaps of stammering silence tend to follow possibly with a frenzied amount of face stroking as not many of us can come up with creative ideas on the spot, after all the creative process is called a ‘process’ for a reason….it takes time.

If you and your team are in need a large dose of inspiration you would be wise to consider taking one of the new creative workshops running at Springwise.  Known for its captivating and innovative sourcing of the latest innovations across a wide variety of industries, Springwise are now offering to share their creative expertise with the outside world.   Sign up for a workshop and your team will enter a world of big thinking, fun, creativity all related to the development of your products or services!

Highly experienced and trained advertising and creative types are all on hand to lead you through the workshops and pull out the very best creative thinking from you.  So get out the office, go and get inspired,  let these creative mavens  melt your brain freeze and release your inner creativity.  You’ll be waving your arms and clapping your hands in no time!  Take a bow.

What’s that? I hear the excuses already ‘we don’t have time to go to a workshop’?……well if  you really can’t get time out of your premises there’s still no excuses as you could hold an in-house session online with Creative Live who can inspire you with live sessions on a wide variety of topics, including Advanced Drum production where you can watch live as producer Eyal Levi takes you through production techniques, selecting the right drums to polishing the right tracks!   Or take it to the top and bring training in-house with the full Edward De Bono experience on creativity and innovation – as they say themselves, this would be when ‘creativity just got serious’.


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