One week to go to DMX Dublin on 11th March 2015

Here is what you can look forward to on the 11th March.

DMX Dublin is now in its third year, and the event is now the largest digital marketing event in Ireland.  The goal for DMX Dublin is to create an amazing event that pulls together the best speakers and the best content.

We will have speakers from Ireland, the UK, US and further afield.  As a digital marketing practitioner, speaker and lecturer myself, I know that keeping on top of new thinking and practices is challenging.

I think we have encapsulated the most exciting, most relevant ideas together in one place today.

There are four streams to choose from at any one time:

  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Reinvention,
  • Digital Innovation
  • Cool Stuff

Customer Experience is where you can explore the trends, techniques, and technologies that can help you deliver an effective customer experience.  Learn from Taboola how people discover content they may like yet never knew existed and how brands get their content to the right audience and improve the customer’s experience.  Find out how Chris Maples experiences at Spotify taught him to think differently about why the world of digital advertising and their customer’s needs may not be aligned.

Digital Reinvention will enable you to find out how to prepare for a vastly different business environment based on digital technologies.  In this track, find out from IBM what new convergent technologies impact organisations.  Discover how technology & advertising are not only unlikely bedfellows, but fundamentally opposed to each other, from New York digital creative guru, Marc Lucas.   Learn about the amazing number of marketing technology vendors from Scott Brinker of’s blog and how it’s possible to have 2,000 marketing technology vendors – and if marketers can turn this to their advantage.

Digital Innovation is about inspiring you to create or refine your digital strategies.   The need for businesses to compete to reach and engage customer as they use digital devices is clear and well-established.  Discover how Independent Newspapers developed their mobile strategy.   Find out from Adobe how to build a personalisation strategy and how to use data to provide a relevant and engaging experience to capture visitor interest, converting prospects to customers and turning customers into advocates.

‘Cool Stuff’ is about digital ideas, digital businesses and digital marketing that are not mainstream.  The best ideas often come from individual companies who are trying something different – and getting results!  ‘Cool stuff’ is a must see for those looking for something different to what the big brands are doing.  Find out how Naked Wines had to master the art of social selling to achieve such success, despite being in a traditional, competitive industry.

Also new for 2015, is the spotlight on B2B: One of the requests over the last few years has been for more B2B case studies.  For 2015, we have delivered just this.  Find out how Castrol B2B, a subsidiary of BP, created an amazing content initiative that shares their unique ‘Castrol Eye View’ that works across all channels and verticals.  At the other end of the scale, you won’t want to miss hearing about and their B2B sales and marketing process, including all the numbers, stats and tools used.

For the DMX Dublin keynotes, these are separated out, so that all DMX’ers have a chance to listen to the biggest name speakers:

  • Mike Volpe, Director of Marketing, HubSpot, who kicks off proceedings.  Mike heads HubSpot’s lead generation and branding strategy and since Mike joined HubSpot, the company has grown from 10 to 11,000 customers.
  • John Straw, author of iDistrupted, is the final session of the day.  John is a serial entrepreneur, author, FTSE 100 company adviser, VC and an authority on emerging technologies and how they will impact marketing.

See you there on March 11 at the Aviva Stadium.  For a taster of what to expect, download the DMX Dublin podcasts (from the App Store) or listen to them on the DMX website here


DMX Dublin 2015



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