Single Shot Advertising – a great way to throw money down the drain!

Single Shot Advertising

One shot ads, rarely get results.

Most customers don’t jump on the band wagon the first time it passes by. It’s like asking to get married on the first date: it could happen, but highly unlikely.

It is completely erroneous to make the assumption that an email will be opened or an ad read. Many flyers and emails go straight from the letterbox or inbox to the bin. In fact, in many cases, it’s saner to think and act as if your potential prospect is immune, and work from that basis.

People make the mistake that the sale is an ‘event’ or an ‘act’, not a process. Too often, the assumption is that the target will respond to a single sales step, and then don’t send additional materials.

It’s a one step process. Instead of promoting to generate a lead, the individual advert, flyer or promotion is expected to generate an instant response: the product is promoted or communicated and the customer either buys or doesn’t. The action expected from the customer is binary: go/no go.


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