The 26 Reasons why people buy

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One of the original direct marketing gurus was the late Ed Mayer. He came up with the “26 Reasons why people buy”. An oldie but a goodie – but still applicable today to all forms of marketing.

1. To make money
2. To save money
3. To save time
4. The avoid effort
5. To get more comfort
6. To achieve greater cleanliness
7. To attain fuller health
8. To escape physical pain
9. To gain praise
10. To be popular
11. To attract the opposite sex
12. To conserve possessions
13. To increase enjoyment
14. To gratify curiosity
15. To protect family
16. To be in style
17. To have or hold beautiful possessions
18. To satisfy appetite
19. To emulate others
20. To avoid trouble
21. To avoid criticism
22. To be individual
23. To protect reputation
24. To take advantage of opportunities
25. To have safety in buying something else.
26. To make work easier


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