Future marketing leaders will need a compass, not a map

                        In an uncharted world of exponential change driven by technology, marketing leadership means depending on judgement as much as data, and personality as much as skills. When discussing leaders and leadership, it’s a good idea to be clear about definitions. There are 17,623 […]

How to keep on top of all things digital

It’s an exciting time to work in marketing.  Digital technologies are reshaping the way people buy. There is a big shift of marketing away from what we can generically call ‘advertising’ to experience-driven marketing, such as content marketing, social media and gamification.  All businesses recognise the importance of adapting their marketing plans to the digital […]

Digital Marketing Executive Program

The Digital Marketing Executive Programme is the premier digital training course in Ireland.  It covers essential digital marketing disciplines.   Over 13 weeks, you’ll get a complete overview of the digital marketing landscape.   Whether or not you are new to digital, you’ll benefit from this training.  It’s ideal if: You have some experience of […]

Marketing Breakfast – March 2012

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A brief interview from  Institute of Ireland Marketing Breakfast. I am speaking on the topic “The Future of Marketing? (A lot) More

Must attend seminar!

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On Wednesday 14 March, I am speaking at the Marketing Institute of Ireland Marketing Breakfast. I am speaking on the topic “The Future of Marketing? (A lot) More Different Than You Think!”

What makes a strategy good or bad?

Download this simple, easy to follow Marketing Strategy Framework which you can print out and refer back to again and again.