How to turn 1 into 10, without lazily adding a zero!

Last week I covered what to do when you were stuck for ideas.  Well, this week, here’s how to take those ideas and turn them into another blogs, articles, pieces of content, whatever you wish to call it or use it for.

Take an piece that you have written and respin it these 10 different ways.

  1. Turn it into a ‘List of Tips’ or ‘Top Tips’
  2. FAQS
  3. Reviews of books or people writing about what you featured
  4. ‘How to’ do, achieve, reach, attain what you wrote about
  5. Top 10 list of things relevant to  your article
  6. ‘Myths about’ your chosen topic
  7. Rules and laws to follow about your topic
  8. A quiz – ‘what are the…’
  9. Stories ‘of’ – ‘when I was…’
  10. Checklists – ‘Things to look our for…’

So, no excuses then!


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