Stuck for something to write about?

One of the questions  I get asked is ‘how do you write when you are not really a writer?’. Or worse, if you are a write and you are stuck.

I’m willing to bet you have more topics to write about than you have time.

But, here are a few suggestions to help you get over that writers block. Here’s how:

First, don’t stare at a blank computer screen waiting for an idea to come to you. You’re probably putting too much pressure on yourself. What I want you to do is first think of your target market. What do they want to know? Take a blank piece of paper or that blank Word document and just start brainstorming. List topics that you think your target market wants to know about. Just keep writing them down.

Next, I want you to think of business related books that you’ve read, services you’ve subscribed to, or informational products you’ve bought. Were they beneficial to you?  Write a review! Do you use How does it work for you? What are the benefits? Is it worth the monthly fees?

On a separate sheet of paper, list all of the products that have helped you succeed in business, either by increasing your knowledge or helping you to run an more effectively and and efficiently business. Keep writing until you’re all out of ideas,

Visit every forum and message board relevant to the topic you are thinking of.  Look at the posts written. Look at lengthy response that others have made to someone else’s question? You now have the start of an article. Flesh it out and use it to show your knowledge and expertise.

Here’s the last idea for you: Interview someone. That’s right, I said interview someone.  Come up with some questions to ask. When you’re done, draft it in to an article and use it! If you know 10 people, then you know  you’ve got 10 articles!

There are many more ideas on how to come up with article content and then how to recycle your content so that you get the most out of it! Have a look next week for more on this topic.


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