When and how much?

Everybody knows that it is easier to make money from an existing customer than it is from a new one.  It is also cheaper to get sales from existing customers than it is to acquire new ones.  So it is extremely important to focus on keeping those current and past customers happy. Hence why I said last week that the number one action for your website is to always be gathering emails.

By building an opt-in list, you can help keep your current customers loyal and happy by sending them news about special events, promotions, sales, and coupons.  You can also send them industry related news and announcements, as well as information about the latest products you have in stock.

In order to make sure your list is as responsive as possible, you have to be sure to email them regularly. This leads to the question: ‘how often should I mail them?’

The answer is That depends’.

You have to email them fairly often in order to keep them reminded about you. If you have great offers, and are selling something that is of high interest, then you can up the rate.  However, the best rule of thumb, in my experience is to email your list no more than once per week unless you have something really important to tell them.  This will keep them interested, but it won’t be often enough to make them miffed about how often you are emailing.

However, don’t overestimate this and stop panicking about it. In fact, I know plenty of people who email every day – with no adverse consequences. Its about how you train your list from the outset. If you are emailing everyday from the outset, they will expect it. But, if you email very little, then it turns into a hose of emails coming at them all them the time, then that is different.  Then your unsubscribe rates really will shoot up 🙂

Most people assume that overdoing the emailing will affect the list much worse than what actually happens. In reality, most people have so many emails coming in that they don’t even notice most promo emails!


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