Everybody wants to join the digital party

Everybody wants to join the digital party - even the management consultants: digital agencies beware! The borders are blurring between management consultants and the marketing world are beginning to blur. Previously the big "firms", focussed on dealing with the CEO and the board only, producing the perfect strategy slide deck, but leaving the grubby work of implementation to others.

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Martech… whats it like to be in the eye of the storm

Martech is the blending of marketing and technology that is exploding across the marketing world, across adland, across PR - basically every discipline associated with the getting and keeping of customers. All of us dealing in digital marketing are dealing with martech, since digital by its very nature is technologically-based. Scott Brinker's Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic shows the rate at which the marketing technology industry (martech) is expanding.

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Apple tropes and movies

The launch of Danny Boyle's new movie about Steve Jobs, with Michael Fassbender has resulted in another round of articles about Jobs - somehow perfectly timed with a new Apple product launch! The first bug discussion point was the old trop about the degree to which Apple's success was rooted in Jobs as a 'brand'. The concept of Apple's success was definitively rooted in using Steve Jobs as a 'brand'.

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What do the UK’s Top 100 Marketer’s think?

I was delighted to be selected as one of Marketing Week’s Vision 100: the 'brightest, best, most visionary UK Marketers' as chosen by the magazine last May. To be selected from such a wealth of talent, and included alongside luminaries from Burberry, Guardian, Adidas, HSBC, Manchester United, Samsung, Diageo, Virgin, Marks & Spencer, as well as fellow airline folks in British Airways and EasyJet was amazing.

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The marketer of tomorrow is the data geek of today

Marketing as science, not art: the marketer of tomorrow is the data geek of today. We all know that we are increasingly living in an all-digital world. The last year or two has been a big turning point. Consumers now spend more time on devices than in front of TV. Rating in the US have suffered sharp declines, with some channels down 18 per cent in the fourth quarter, and in the UK, TV viewing decreased by 4.7%.

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Ep. 05: DMX Dublin: Colin Lewis interviews Chris Maples

Colin Lewis the content programmer of DMX Dublin is doing a series of interviews with the speakers who are attending the DMX Dublin in the Aviva Stadium on March 11th 2015. Where over 800 of Irelands top marketers are going to be gathered together in one place. The DMX Podcast is all about giving you a flavour of what is going to happen on the day. Colin now speaks to Chris Maples former VP of Spotify. (more…)

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Ep. 03: DMX Dublin: Colin Lewis interviews Marc Lucas

Colin Lewis the programmer of DMX Dublin is doing a series of interviews with the speakers who are attending the DMX Dublin in the Aviva Stadium on March 11th 2015. As usual we have all the best Marketers, Ad Agencies, Digital Marketers, SEO, everybody all in one place. They are there to hear some of the best speakers that we have been able to pull together from Ireland, the UK, the USA and from around the world.  Colin interviews Marc Lucas, who is a freelance Creative Director based in New York for this Podcast.

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Ep. 02: DMX Dublin: Colin Lewis interviews John Straw from iDisrupted

Colin Lewis who is the programmer for DMX Dublin will be doing a series of interviews with the speakers who are attending the DMX Dublin in the Aviva Stadium on March 11th 2015. One of the speakers I am most excited to have is John Straw author of “iDisrupted”.

John speaks about himself, and his 30 years experience in the IT business and how he came to write the book iDisrupted and build the iDisrupted website. (more…)

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Unscrambling digital marketing for your business: Independent.ie

Here is an interview with yours truly in the Independent today, 11 the February, on unscrambling digital marketing for your business, and how DMX Dublin can help.DMX 2015

If there are any marketers out there who are still dazed and confused as to how digital marketing can grow their businesses and build their brands online, help is at hand.    DMX Dublin 2015, Ireland’s largest digital marketing event, takes place on March 11 2015 at the Aviva Stadium and its aim is to offer marketers a practical guide on how to successfully manage their campaigns online. (more…)

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Ep 01: DMX Dublin 2015 Podcasts

In his first podcast for DMX Dublin,  Colin Lewis, Programmer at DMX Dublin explains what it is all about and gives a brief profile on some of the speakers.

DMX Dublin is Ireland’s largest digital marketing conference, and it takes place this year, on the 11th March, 2015.   The DMX Dublin is the annual gathering of top international and local marketers, from multi-nationals to SMEs, Advertisers, Credit Agencies and Digital Agencies, talking about all things digital,  live in Dublin at the Aviva Stadium. (more…)

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