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There are many reasons marketing suits, stay away from the copywriting process involved in developing highly responsive marketing campaigns as these roles have traditionally been seen as separate – suits are client facing and the writers are in the creative team, the roles defined in the commercial world from the very beginning (whoa betides any suit trying to muscle in on making the ‘creative’ process – it would almost always be tears).  Well things have changed over the past few years and at this point in time, with the advent of self publishing, it appears that we all have to bring out our inner suit and we are all ‘creative’ and need to tap into our most inner creative writing juices.

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If you, like me, you have been fortunate to have worked with some highly talented writers who could whip up an engaging and responsive ad whilst supping on a Chai Latte or two, you may start to panic and wonder if you really have any writing skills at all, after all, many of us are still on the easy default response of ‘I’m not creative’.   Well those days are well and truly gone – no more evident than in the need to continuously write your own blog, update your website, tweet a good tweet and so on, so there is a huge demand on individuals in their personal and business life to have the ability to write well online.

I looked at this area a number of years ago when I attended a seminar by international specialist Gerry McGovern author of the famous Killer Web Content – an excellent book, so easy to reference, at that time focused very much on Web content.   He has since gone on to write another classic The Stranger’s Long Neck which takes a consumer perspective he  clevery dechunks the critical steps you need to take to successfully lure your customers in.  Ann Hanley has a new book which covers all areas content Everybody Writes and she encourages all of us at any level to start developing our writing talents.  To get you started, Copy blogger, who have been developing highly effective and impactful online content since 2006, provide a list of 10 key principles for turning yourself into a killer copywriter, so we have to drop the excuses and start the publishing adventure ourselves.


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