Facing the blank screen

Facing that blank screen

The toughest job for any writer is to start writing. You sit in front of your computer and …… nothing happens.

You are now at the point that requires discipline and determination. How to start the creative process?

Maybe you could try some of the following:

Try holding an imaginary conversation with the person to whom you’re going to . Sit down and talk to them. Write down every phrase you like in that conversation.

Ask yourself the question “Will my prospects or customers understand what I am saying and what I want them to do?”

If you haven’t been given a deadline, set one for yourself. Do not put your writing off until the last moment – No on writes well under pressure.

But you must get it all down. Put down every single thought or idea you have good or bad – then select the best.

Do a features versus benefits analysis.

Over-write the copy, then edit. It is much more difficult to expand short copy than it is to cut back on long copy. Try anything to get the process of writing started.

It is important to keep the knowledge level of your audience clearly in mind as you write.


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