Google Glasses

There was an enormous amount of hype about Google Glasses when they were launched with many people immediately wondering how they were going to walk with a small computer inside their glasses and what this would feel like.  On top of that how were you going to Search, photos and videos, messaging, apps and much more while wearing this rather geeky eyewear.   As a trial Google distributed the beta version of the glasses to an elite group of Explorers who have been sent out to discover and show how these glasses could be utilised for everyday life, meanwhile, demand and interest continues to grow and test samples will be exhibited at all the major technology and innovation conferences across the world.

Google glasses
Image source:
Google glasses
Image source: Google Glass

So far the Explorers have raved about the glasses and their uses and certainly by the promotional video on how it feels to wear the glasses, it looks as if you could really have some fun shooting video from a completely new perspective and the obvious benefits from viewing from these angles.

The initial beta version will be available to buy in the US for around $1500, mid to end 2014.  Even with its hefty price tag, demand for the glasses is high and Google have said that they expect to extend the launch to a wider audience by the end of 2014.


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