The Internet of Things

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The IoT  (Internet of Things) is the gathering and sharing of information directly with interconnected devices which gathering insights and record and analyse data faster. It is a vision of how we will interconnect with smart devices in the future for the benefit our lives.
We’ve known about the smart fridge for many years and it didn’t really excite then or now although more recently we have seen exiting developments from the likes of Nike – using workout data to analyse your fitness levels.

Nike Trainer
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There have also been significant developments in the automobile industry using real-time data exchanges between vehicles providing significant safety benefits and running efficiencies, we know about smart homes, smart buildings and many other types of smart technology. Some industries have been slow on the uptake of fully investing in technology, however, this is about to change and we are about to see an explosion of interconnectivity across many different industries which will more than likely touch you in some part of your daily life. Massive investments are being made in the Healthcare industry, developing smart technologies to better analyse and assess remote patient care, products and services and significantly benefiting the way that healthcare is managed.
We already know that we can use our mobile phone to dim our light switches or set our alarms from any remote locations and now we can manage our whole household remotely from technology developed by Ninja Blocks and Postscapes list some great examples of how these innovative technologies are being used across a wide spectrum of industries.

Ninja blocks
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