How big brands are winning new customers

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How big brands are winning new customers

The name of the summit might peak a few excited shopaholic eyebrows, however, this, sadly, is not the holy grail of shoppathons or a gathering of the largest malls in the world.  This is however, the summit where retailers from all over the world gather to share and discuss strategies for enhancing the consumers shopping experience, share best practices and develop new insights.

Welcome to the Davos of Retail – Shopper Summit .  Business leaders from all the largest and smallest retail chains in the world gather under one roof and share the latest in the relatively new term Shopper Marketing.  Infact, shopper marketing is more than just placing point of sale materials around a store, it goes way beyond this to integrate the above the line, online and instore promotions to create a seamless path to consumer purchase.


Mobile Commerce Daily reports that Mobile is increasingly being the channel of choice for driving the shopper experience and with the top global brands fighting it out for the best instore experiences for their consumers as they can no longer compete on price alone.

The Mobile Commerce Daily highlight some excellent examples from the big brands including this in-store gift card offer on mobile from Bon-Ton, for more check out more at Mobile Commerce Daily activations.  From the viewpoint of mobile and how the channel is reacting to the growth in Shopper marketing in retail.

Samsung have produced a comprehensive whitepaper which indicates how they are looking to the future and how technology will continue to drive the shopper experience – an interesting read.


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