Marketing Breakfast – March 2012

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A brief interview from  Institute of Ireland Marketing Breakfast. I am speaking on the topic “The Future of Marketing? (A lot) More

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On Wednesday 14 March, I am speaking at the Marketing Institute of Ireland Marketing Breakfast. I am speaking on the topic “The Future of Marketing? (A lot) More Different Than You Think!”

Revenge of the nerds

Blessed are the number crunchers as they will inherit the earth. Or something like that. The trend towards better use of analytics for driving decision-making within organisations is now front and centre, as they say in the US. In fact, any form of career as an analytics and data guru is a sure-fire winner in […]

The missing ingredient

When it comes to any website, the number one ingredient that you must have for your website is the answer to the question: ‘what do I want the visitor to do when they come to my site? In other words, what action do I want them to take now that they have taken the time […]

When and how much?

Everybody knows that it is easier to make money from an existing customer than it is from a new one.  It is also cheaper to get sales from existing customers than it is to acquire new ones.  So it is extremely important to focus on keeping those current and past customers happy. Hence why I […]

“The money is in the list”

It nevers ceases to amaze me the amount of hearsay that is passed off as expertise on Internet marketing. My particular favourite is amount of nonsense that is spoken about search engine optimisation (SEO). Just like everybody is an expert on marketing and has lots of opinions about what they perceive to be marketing (generally […]

What makes a strategy good or bad?

Download this simple, easy to follow Marketing Strategy Framework which you can print out and refer back to again and again.