The Right Kind of Survey

Surveys come in a variety of formats and each offers a different view into any demographic.   Online surveys, email surveys, phone surveys, mail surveys, personal in-home surveys are just a small number of potential methods that can be used to better understand the world you live and strive in. Online Surveys Anyone who spends anytime […]

How to look more attractive to more prospects.

I think that all businesses, whether large or small, are always looking for ways to make themselves more attractive in order to land more qualified consumers. Some revamp their image, while others tighten up their package. Generating new prospects is key to an organization’s survival and become critical during economic hard times. One’s ability to […]

Sticky Handouts

The key to a great promotional handout for a trade show event is that it provides needed information about you and your business.  But for it to stick, in other words, not get thrown in the bin, it has to have something a little more than just information. One of the very best ways to […]

What makes a strategy good or bad?

Download this simple, easy to follow Marketing Strategy Framework which you can print out and refer back to again and again.