Facebook Tips for driving engagement


We’ve come quite a long way from the days of putting up our kitty photos and seeing all the likes tally up on your thumbs up button.  Gone are those days and in many ways it’s probably a good thing as anything that is that easy to do can be replicated very quickly and easily […]

Building Brand You


We have never been busier multitasking, whether busy building our own companies or full on working for companies and we rarely stop to think of how much time we spend promoting and curating the brand names we work for, we just get on and do it as part and parcel of our every working day.  […]

The Top 10 ways to Measure Social Media

Social Media Icons

There is no standard measurement of social media success. Or if there is, I have not found one. However, I have pulled together what I consider to be the top ten measures of success – across all industries.

Branding part 2.

I wrote recently about forgetting about branding. Although it is not strictly true, I do feel that we can get misled. Actually brand and brand building itself is not the issue. Some people think a brand is a logo. Others that it’s something a marketing consultant or designer creates for you. Others think it’s a […]

Branding? Fugged about it!

The best way to market: ignore what everybody else is doing – especially big companies. If you talk to brand marketers, they will generally tell to invest in the brand. If you talk to the direct response marketers, they will tell you to only invest in tactics where you can immediately track this metric. Who […]

What makes a strategy good or bad?

Download this simple, easy to follow Marketing Strategy Framework which you can print out and refer back to again and again.