One word sums up why now is the best time to be a marketer

The level of opportunity open to marketers today means marketing’s golden age is now. The challenge, however, is working out which opportunity to seize first. Believe it or not – and given all the bad news around marketing in the last few months, many people do not – I believe today is the best time […]

The Days of the FMCG Marketing Hegemony are Numbered

Why the FMCG Big Brand are Trapped and What B2C Can Learn from B2B Brands Working in consumer marketing is seen as the apex of the marketing career pyramid.  Indeed, it is taken almost for granted that consumer marketing, and, in particular, FMCG marketing has the best brands, the best agencies and the best talent. […]

There’s a reason the classics still work.

We all know that the world has changed dramatically over the last ten years. There was no such as an iPhone. Dial-up internet was still a thing. And the most overused consumer segment in the marketing lexicon, ‘Millenial’, was yet to launch a thousand blog articles. However, even worse than the tsunami of clickbait Millenial […]

Online sales have broken the £100bn barrier

For the first time ever, UK online sales have broken the £100bn barrier, reaching a total of £104bn.  A strong driver of this growth has been the increase in mobile purchasing.  Online retail market has experienced a 14% growth year-on-year, and e-retail now accounts for approximately 24%. Key changes in in 2014 were the increase […]

Video Marketing is a great way to engage your audience


The evolution of video is set to only increase and video is now a highly trackable and what was once really expensive to produce, can now be quickly and easily produced at a low cost. YouTube is now the second biggest search engine

Copywriting your way to success


There are many reasons marketing suits, stay away from the copywriting process involved in developing highly responsive marketing campaigns as these roles have traditionally been seen as separate – suits are client facing and the writers are in the creative team, the roles defined in the commercial world from the very beginning (whoa betides any […]

Online Adspend goes €150m+ and set to continue to increase 15% for 2013

Online Advertising

The past few years has been an exciting time for online advertising seeing an explosion of different advertising channels – social media, search and numerous more coming to the forefront and developing online advertising to become one of the biggest media categories in Ireland.  The biggest push for online media came over the past few […]

Start an ecommerce business the easy way and get profitable quickly!

Tiffany and Co

You’ve heard it a hundred times and it’s true, there really is no better time to start up an online business.  With lots of consumer and enterprise options available, at every price point, it’s no surprise that ecommerce is booming. Irish e-commerce websites spanning retail, travel and charity verticals, which had combined revenue in excess […]

The new ‘digital divide’

We have all seen the articles in the paper over the years about the so-called ‘digital divide’. According to Wikipedia, the ‘digital divide refers to the gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology, and those with very limited or no access at all. It includes the imbalance both in physical access […]

Internet Trends

Last month, Mary Meecker from Kleiner Perkins came out with a presentation on Internet trends that made a few eyes pop open. The big one that I took away was this… the top 200 leading marketers across all industries (the big players like P+G, makes of Tide, Pampers etc, Gillette) spent less than 2.6% of […]

7 major elements of an email

The construction of an email more is loaded with do’s and don’ts, tricks and techniques. Obviously, the basic requirements of are that it must attract the reader’s attention, stimulate desire, encourage conviction and generate action all by itself. If you are writing an email, there are seven major elements that need to be included. 1. […]

Revenge of the nerds

Blessed are the number crunchers as they will inherit the earth. Or something like that. The trend towards better use of analytics for driving decision-making within organisations is now front and centre, as they say in the US. In fact, any form of career as an analytics and data guru is a sure-fire winner in […]

Marketing And List Building: Show Them Why

Even with the advent of thousands of Facebook and Twitter follower, building your own list of past and future prospects is the single most important thing to do. The list is equivalent to all your future income. Facebook followers are not as an engaged, despite the social media hype. Email is still the one to […]

Old is the new ‘new’.

I’m sure you have head of the movie ‘Alien’.  It’s particularly memorable for John Hurt’s Kane character and his gastro-intestinal distress caused by a face-hugging alien.  It was pitched to the studios with one line as ‘Jaws in space’! The ‘Pirates’ movies – The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s […]

Stuck for something to write about?

One of the questions  I get asked is ‘how do you write when you are not really a writer?’. Or worse, if you are a write and you are stuck. I’m willing to bet you have more topics to write about than you have time. But, here are a few suggestions to help you get […]

Email tools – the handy list!

In order to manage an email list, you need to have the software to do so.  Use a hosted solution such as those listed below.  They are easier to set up and manage, and they are also white listed, which means the major ISPs trust emails sent from their servers.  This helps improve deliverability, so […]

Facing the blank screen

Facing that blank screen The toughest job for any writer is to start writing. You sit in front of your computer and …… nothing happens. You are now at the point that requires discipline and determination. How to start the creative process? Maybe you could try some of the following: Try holding an imaginary conversation […]