We need evidence-based marketing to save us from fads and fashions

It is all too easy to base marketing strategies on hope, fear, what has worked in the past and what others are doing, but the best marketers will hinge their decisions on the facts. In 1836, French physician Pierre Louis conducted one of the first clinical trials in medicine. At the time, the removal of […]

Martech… whats it like to be in the eye of the storm

Martech is the blending of marketing and technology that is exploding across the marketing world, across adland, across PR – basically every discipline associated with the getting and keeping of customers. All of us dealing in digital marketing are dealing with martech, since digital by its very nature is technologically-based. Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic shows the rate at which the marketing technology industry (martech) is expanding.

The marketer of tomorrow is the data geek of today

Marketing as science, not art: the marketer of tomorrow is the data geek of today. We all know that we are increasingly living in an all-digital world. The last year or two has been a big turning point. Consumers now spend more time on devices than in front of TV. Rating in the US have suffered sharp declines, with some channels down 18 per cent in the fourth quarter, and in the UK, TV viewing decreased by 4.7%.

One week to go to DMX Dublin on 11th March 2015

Here is what you can look forward to on the 11th March. DMX Dublin is now in its third year, and the event is now the largest digital marketing event in Ireland.  The goal for DMX Dublin is to create an amazing event that pulls together the best speakers and the best content.

Ep. 05: DMX Dublin: Colin Lewis interviews Chris Maples

Colin Lewis the content programmer of DMX Dublin is doing a series of interviews with the speakers who are attending the DMX Dublin in the Aviva Stadium on March 11th 2015. Where over 800 of Irelands top marketers are going to be gathered together in one place. The DMX Podcast is all about giving you […]

Ep. 03: DMX Dublin: Colin Lewis interviews Marc Lucas

Colin Lewis the programmer of DMX Dublin is doing a series of interviews with the speakers who are attending the DMX Dublin in the Aviva Stadium on March 11th 2015. As usual we have all the best Marketers, Ad Agencies, Digital Marketers, SEO, everybody all in one place. They are there to hear some of […]

Ep. 02: DMX Dublin: Colin Lewis interviews John Straw from iDisrupted

Colin Lewis who is the programmer for DMX Dublin will be doing a series of interviews with the speakers who are attending the DMX Dublin in the Aviva Stadium on March 11th 2015. One of the speakers I am most excited to have is John Straw author of “iDisrupted”. John speaks about himself, and his […]

DMX Dublin Early Bird Offer Closes today

Have you signed up yet for the DMX Dublin 2015?  Just a quick reminder as to what DMX Dublin is all about. There will be over 30 Speakers and 4 streams all in one day, and in the one venue, The Aviva Stadium in Dublin. The four streams will be: SME Stream, Acquisition Stream, Conversion Stream […]

System dynamics of the Marketing Technology Landscape

$1.5 trillion is spent every year on marketing worldwide. Its an industry in the throes of reinvention. Given that nearly $600 billion is spent just on advertising on advertising , the scope for innovation is enormous. One of the speakers at DMX Dublin this year is Scott Brinker from Chief Martec.com. He believes that Marketing […]

Ep 01: DMX Dublin 2015 Podcasts

In his first podcast for DMX Dublin,  Colin Lewis, Programmer at DMX Dublin explains what it is all about and gives a brief profile on some of the speakers. DMX Dublin is Ireland’s largest digital marketing conference, and it takes place this year, on the 11th March, 2015.   The DMX Dublin is the annual gathering of […]

Online sales have broken the £100bn barrier

For the first time ever, UK online sales have broken the £100bn barrier, reaching a total of £104bn.  A strong driver of this growth has been the increase in mobile purchasing.  Online retail market has experienced a 14% growth year-on-year, and e-retail now accounts for approximately 24%. Key changes in in 2014 were the increase […]

DMX Dublin adds four new speakers

Have you put this date in your diary yet?  11th March 2015.  This is the date for Ireland’s larges Digital marketing conference, DMX Dublin, in the Aviva Stadium. Tickets are going fast and you need to book yours now.  DMX Dublin is shaping up to the best yet with four new speakers being added to the already […]

Just added to DMX Dublin line-up

Facebook, Spotify, Taboola and INM have now been added to DMX Dublin 2015 Lineup.  Namely Tarquin Henderson, Head of EMEA Gaming Sales for Facebook;  Fiona O’Carroll, Managing Director of the Digital Business at Independent News & Media;  Chris Maples, Former VP of Spotify; Marc Thomas, Head of Media Sales for Taboola.  These are not to be […]

More Speakers Announced for DMX Dublin 2015

DMX 2015 will have over 30 Speakers and 4 streams all in one day, and in the one venue,  The Aviva Stadium in Dublin.  The four streams will be: SME Stream, Acquisition Stream, Conversion Stream and Engagement Stream.  There will be keynotes from international expert speakers, and real-life case studies from successful global and local brands. […]

Driving ROI for Digital in Travel

What is paid, earned and owned media?   A simple definition is ‘Paid’ is stuff you pay for like print Adwords, TV advertising. ‘Owned’ is stuff you create and own. ‘Earned’ is nice stuff people say you about on Twitter–and anywhere else.  ‘Paid’ jumpstarts ‘Owned’. ‘Owned’ sustains ‘Earned’.   ‘Earned’ drives cost down and effectiveness […]

Ireland’s Largest Digital Marketing Conference Launched

Three years ago, I came up with the idea of having a digital marketing conference in Dublin. Working with the Marketing Institute of Ireland, the event has quickly become not just the largest digital marketing conference, but the largest marketing conference in the country.  March 11 2015 is the date for this years event.  I […]

How to keep on top of all things digital

It’s an exciting time to work in marketing.  Digital technologies are reshaping the way people buy. There is a big shift of marketing away from what we can generically call ‘advertising’ to experience-driven marketing, such as content marketing, social media and gamification.  All businesses recognise the importance of adapting their marketing plans to the digital […]